Saturday, 7 February 2009

Map of Australia Sock Hanger - a how to!

You know those hanging dryers for socks and smalls? I went through three of the shop bought versions last year. They were always snapping and breaking and I resolved to try to make something more hardy. Or at least easier to mend. And less plastic-y

I had been scouring charity shops for an old picture frame for the top part, I was envisioning something chunky and gilt for laundry glamour. But then I saw this:

How fun! £1.55 from the hospice shop. A roll of string, a pack of clothes pegs and a dremel drill and I was ready to go to work. I cut the string off the back and marked evenly spaced holes with tippex

After I drilled holes in the board and the pegs, I threaded the string through one hole in the board and through the peg....
I tied a knot in the string.

I trimmed the knot, and tied another knot about 5-6inches in on the fancy side, this is for the board to rest on when it's hanging. Sorry about the quality of the next photo. I hope you can make out that knot.

On the flipside I measured the length I wanted the hanging string to be, then added another 5-6inches and cut the string.

I threaded this end through a point on the opposite side to the one I'd already done. (Australia is an irregular shape so I balanced the board on two fingertips to see where I should thread the string through. If you're using a regular shaped frame, go for directly opposite).
After threading, I tied a knot 5-6inches up from the end, on the picture side, then threaded the end through the peg, and again tied a knot near the end.

Again, sorry about these next few photos, it was getting late and the light was terrible. I hope you get the idea!

Repeat that process twice more, positioning the strings in a 6 point star shape. Tie a knot in all three strings to make a little loop

In the remaining holes, thread a string with a knot in the end. Thread through the frame, then through a peg, and tie another knot on the other end.

Wash a load of socks! You're done!

Friday, 6 February 2009


February_Snow, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

I'm so sorry I wasn't back on the 4th for the giveaway. Snow interrupted play.
Or rather, snow caused play. I've only made it to work one day this week. The rest of the time E and I have been at home, building snowmen, slipping over, and eating rice pudding. It's been lovely.

Thanks SO much for all the entries, how lovely. The random number generator at picked Lissa. Thank you Lissa! I'll email you.

Hope you're all staying warm and having fun!