Thursday, 28 August 2008

I've not had time to get much done this week as I've been doing extra hours at work. In the few minutes I get after getting in and before going to bed, I've been working on this:

Little Star Afghan, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

I started this shortly after E was born, it's made from what WAS a thrifted acrylic stripy jumper, which I washed, unpicked and unravelled. It was pretty handy for a small baby, you could throw it in the wash when she spit up on it (often).
Here's a picture of her on it, a couple of years ago.

Then, about a year ago, I found another instance of the exact same jumper, so that too got unpicked and unravelled and I picked up the hook again.
I've been trying to go through some of my MANY unfinished projects (I start way too many things at one) and actually finish some of them.
This particular blanket will be finished when this:

is used up

First harvest 2008, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

A pic from a couple of days ago. Our first proper 'harvest'. Up until now we've just had a couple of sungold tomatoes every few days. We had the courgette with tea that night, the plums for dessert and on porridge the next morning, the tomatoes barely made it into the house. E loves those little tomatoes.