Friday, 29 May 2009

Stay Tuned

Having let the blog be a random scratchpad for a few months, it's time to become a bit more specific. I've been having a little think. What are the main things that interest me here? There seem to be three:

1) Vintage. I love old stuff. Old fabric feels better. Old china sounds nicer. Old stuff has a history you can feel in your hands. I'm addicted to seeking out new treasures and I'm going to share them with you here.

2) Repurposing and recycling. I've been trying wherever possible to buy/find/be given pre-owned stuff to make into new stuff I need. It's keeping stuff from landfill that still has some life in it, it means I don't need to have something else made, and hey! sometimes it saves me a bit of money (though weirdly, not always). I'll share some of my makes with you

3) Home made. I rarely buy new craft materials as I often find vintage notions and haberdashery on my treasure hunts (See 1), or deconstruct sweaters for yarn to knit with (see 2), but sometimes I use new supplies and these things fall into this third category. Like gardening. Or cooking. I'm definitely a learner at both, but I'll share my attempts with you here.

So, that's it. I'm trying to specify
Vintage. Repurposed. Homemade.

Please stay tuned!