Sunday, 24 May 2009

Thrift Crazy

At Mum's for the long bank holiday weekend I have been merrily thrifting away my hard earned wage packet.
Something about the car repair bill, boiler service and kitchen tap repair I've had to pay for this week makes me want to spend some on little pretties. Of course, this is retail therapy thrift-style, so really wasn't all that bad.
Here are some of this weekend's pretties. This might be veeery picture heavy. For the full extent of my thrifting madness this weekend, see my Flickr pics!

Pretty Wedgwood plate. The pink and blue look so pretty together.
Here's a close up of the motto

I think this might be pretty old, but I'm no expert on Wedgwood backstamps. Anyone know?

Meakin Celeste platters. Two of

Alfred Meakin Thistle plates. Three of. I love love love these

Losol Ware plate. Know nothing about this. Except I like it!

Sadler Roses teapot. I'm not kidding when I say I've really not spent all that much this weekend. I can't possibly reveal my sources, but this teapot was less than 30 pence.

Such a pretty shade of pink

Two pink and black chrysanthemum cups

Turquoise teardrop shaped bowl.

Looks like something from Nigella Lawson, but I think it's older than that. Here's the back:

Finally, I think my favourite find of the weekend. Sadler mug:



S. Mehrens said...

Beautiful! I love what you found. I especially like the thistle plate and the Losol Ware plate.

Missa said...

So many lovely dishes! The thistle plates are wonderful, I love thistles!