Monday, 29 December 2008


New Year's Resolutions. I love them, I really do.

Like Katy Carr, I make bushels of good resolutions all the time, (and never stick to them), so I love the idea of a clean slate a new year brings.

Here are my NYRs for 2009

There are two main ones. Very important. And I must stick to these:

1) Make a little time for myself for crafts and reading
This is pretty important. I feel like I've lurched through 2008 from house cleaning to work deadlines to toddler tantrums with rush hour traffic taking me from one to the next. It's been making me a bit crazy. I really need a little space and quiet in my head, and I really must make time for this next year

2) Tackle the Clutter
I guess I have to address this, especially as it's contributing to the stuff in no.1. I've had to think about how to sort it so I have a realistic chance of sticking to it. Am I going to stop thrifting and looking for treasures at jumble sales? No. I'm really not. Can I fit all of this stuff in my house? No. I really can't. What can I do? Keep seeking out treasures and bringing them home, but REGULARLY swap and change what I have on display and pass on those items which I no longer have space for. Look for a vintage treasures etsy store coming in the New Year!

Then there's a couple for icing on the cake.

1) Learn to use my digital camera.
I've already got some books from the library to demystify aperture and shutter speed. S says he thinks there's a tripod in the attic!
2)Learn to make balloon animals.
Erm, at our work Christmas do we all chose something we wanted to learn in 2009. C and I chose making balloon animals, so I guess I'll have to add this here too.

Happy New Year!