Monday, 17 August 2009

Reclaimed Tray

I found this old tray someone had thrown away

Grubby, Discarded Tray

It's not a great photo, but hopefully you can see what I saw. Filthy, weird, but with some great potential, yes?

I stripped it down to it's component parts: wooden backing, glass front, dirty chrome and grubby bakelite. Each piece was cleaned according to it's needs and material.

The bakelite came up lovely:
Cleaned Up Bakelite

I discarded that weird photo that was under the glass and rooted in my stash of stuff for something nice to replace it with, and found a lovely piece of thick, blue and silver paper.
Now look!
Tray 2

Problem is, now it's so clean and shiny it's hard to get a good picture without any reflections
Tray 1

Even with help on the photo shoot from my little one:
E's Tableau

Here are a couple of close ups
Tray Closeup 1

Tray Closeup 1

I LOVE my new tray and I'm happy to have given it a new lease of life.

Progress on yesterday's soothing project continues, and I hope to get some more done tonight
Soothing Continues