Saturday, 22 August 2009

Smith's bottom

Smith's bottom, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

Ysolda has released Whimsical Little knits 2.
Smith the Hedgehog is the second design released from the set, and just what I needed when I found myself needing a new project Thursday night. Great timing.
Pic is from my phone this morning, so not very clear but hopefully you can see this hedgehog's bottom here. I had plans for this but E claimed it when she found out what it was going to be. She's taking my word for it, because her 3 year old brain can't see a hedgehog here yet. She has offered to help me stuff it, which I will let her do, but she wants to stuff it with candy floss, which I won't let her do.
I hope to get him finished this weekend.
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