Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Yarn Haul

Yarn Haul, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

I'd been planning to knit Pebble for a friend's baby. I wanted red. There's a reason, I'll go into that later.
Now earlier this year, this friend donated me some red yarn, and I had thought how sweet it would be to make it with that. Yarn that came from her in the first place.
It was almost DK, it looked like it would work. I swatched. It was almost OK. I went with it.
Two thirds of the way through it was obvious it wasn't working. And it's not really right to hope your friend's baby is born on the small side, is it?
I tried again, with yarn held double. He can grow into it, I thought. Not so great either. Newborns don't have a lot of need for armour, and this is exactly what it was turning out like.
Frogged. Again. Admit defeat and head to the shop.
Which is where I picked up the Patons Fairytale. ahem. There in the bottom right hand corner.

oh, that other stuff? I didn't need that. I'm considering it a reward for persistance.