Friday, 5 September 2008

Jumbling - part 1

Today E and I went to the first of this weekends jumble sales. A great one, lots of tables. First E found a tray with a big picture of Santa on and a little Christmas snowman, she has a good eye for a two year old and we snap up the cute Christmas stuff regardless of month.
Then on the bric a brac stall we found this:

Kenwood Chef A701. With K beater and dough hook. £3. Over to the toy stall. E could wait no longer. She rummaged through the plastic boxes of bits and pieces under the table (her favourite bit, they're right at her level) and I spotted this on the table:

I've been wanting a vintage tiny tears for her, just like I had. I actually saw one in the window of an Edinburgh charity shop but by the time I got there it had gone. So pleased to find this - £1!! I have plenty of old knitting patterns for tiny tears clothing, so it'll be great to dig those out.

(Sunday night update - dolly has had a bath this evening. Hair washed with baby shampoo and vinyl body cleaned with baby lotion and soap-n-water. She's had her hair brushed and is sitting next to me drying out)

Next up, the book stall.
First I have to confess a weakness for vintage cookery books. Gaudy and/or weird preferably. I rarely use these to actually cook from, more for eye candy. Here's what I scored:
The Penguin Salad Book
A lovely penguin example, they had others, including Cooking in a Bedsitter. I tried to show some restraint and not bring them all home.

The Daily Mail book of Party Time Cookery:
Superb photographs:
And, of my goodness, how could I leave this behind? Cooking with bananas. A Geest publication
Mostly puddings and desserts, but some recipes which appeared to just put bananas on a plate with other stuff and call it a meal. Check out that photo bottom right: chicken, peas, sweetcorn... and bananas

More book finds: Home Making by Julia Cairns
Mostly black and white text and photos, but the colour pages are amazing:
Furniture styles:
Chrysanthemum Room

Advice for the home maker:

The text reads:
"This close up picture of a modern table in light oak emphasises the practical rise of the popular larger place-mat. It is of a size which accommodates all required cutlery and silver, and partly takes the smaller bread-plate too. The Copenhagen dinner set is in soft celadon green, and is quietly decorated with a floral motif in the centre. Modern ladder-back chairs, cane seated, and available with and without arms, are a wise choice for the small dining room of today"
A few finds for E too, including this Colours book by Jan Pienkowski. A little scuffed but delightful

She loves Meg and Mog, and although she already knows her colours now (we're currently getting a running commentary on the properties of everything) this is a lovely find. It's odd because it has no bar code, or publication details. I guess it's based on this but this one isn't 32 pages long.
There are a couple of free online books by Jan Pienkowski on his website. E and I just read Farm before her bath
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