Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday Stuff

E was a little out of sorts this morning, having been a bit poorly yesterday (while I was out for the day). She picked at her lunch, had a good long sleep and then we went for a walk round the local shops.

I found this cute Puppet Theatre in one of our charity shops. £2.99
At the moment I'm probably more excited about this than she is, because I'm thinking about how fun it's going to be to make the puppets.

I'm sure she'll get into the whole thing when she's a bit bigger.

We popped into the local greengrocer and I let her choose what veg she wanted to eat for her tea, she chose courgette (as always), carrot and a parsnip. hmmm.
While I was there I noticed that the (japanese run) grocers was also selling treats. Look at these cute biscuits I found within a mile of my house! They're really yummy.

I cooked the carrot and parsnip together with a little honey and butter. She ate all her tea, then had a good run about all over the house, getting all her toy animals to 'play piano' on the table. I'd say she's back to normal.

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