Friday, 12 September 2008

More thrifted stuff

I've been on a spree this week, another jumble sale and a quick trip out to a charity shop on my lunchbreak.

Here's the charity shop finds:
J&G Meakin Glamour jug. This is the Celeste colour I mentioned in a previous post. I'm collecting the dinner service in this colour, but I do have some small desert bowls and I figured I could use this for cream. In any case it was 50p so I couldn't really pass it up

And this lovely green glass jar. I though I might use it to store some threads.
I filled it with a few I got from one of last week's sales which hadn't yet made it to my crafting space:

Then, the Thursday night jumble sale delivered this. It's a set of 6 Brexton cups, saucers and plates. I'm pretty sure these are from a 1950s or 1960s picnic set. I got them because I have a red Sirram picnic suitcase with an incomplete set of china and these will fit just fine.
The set isn't without it's flaws, the pattern is scuffed in a few places and there are firing mistakes on some, but this is for picnicing outside and I'll feel less worried about them getting damaged if they're not perfect to begin with. Whole set for £1
One from last week,

....Star shaped brooch.

There's probably more to come, there are a few bits scattered about the house waiting to be cleaned


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