Saturday, 6 September 2008

Jumbling - part 2

Today's Jumble Sale pretty much sucked. We've been to this one before and it was terrible then too, so I'm crossing it off the list for next time.
I'd been geared up for some hands-free rummaging (S was around to distract E), and to be let down is a terrible thing, so we headed to a nearby suburb to check the charity shops.
A great find: A cake stand from the J&G Meakin Glamour range, in Rosa (the pink one). I'm collecting Rosa (for a tea service) and Celeste (the blue one, for a dinner service) though I'm far away from anything like a complete set. Finds are rare (and pricey) on eBay so I was delighted to score this. It's been put away with my other Rosa treasures so I haven't got a photo. I'll try to take one in daylight with the other items I have.