Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Cheap Thrills

Crocheted Cocktail Ring, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

The washing machine broke on Friday - £110 (which the lovely repair man assures us will keep it going for another 5 years, fingers crossed for that!). It should hopefully be back with us tonight.

The car went in for scheduled repairs on Monday, another £92.

So last night I glammed it up for no pence!

I was re-reading Craft:04 in the bath and saw the instructions for a crochet cocktail ring. Ingredients: thin elastic, beads and a small crochet hook. All things I had to hand already, so I settled down on the sofa and had made this within the half hour. I left off the last row of beads because I used larger pearly numbers and by the time I'd reached the second row of beads, it 'looked done'.

I know I should be holding a cocktail, that's a large glass of apple and blackcurrant squash. These are hard times after all!

PS. The beads were reclaimed from broken jewellery. So it really was cheap

PPS. My hands look awful! I've been handwashing clothes...


Anonymous said...

I think your hands look just lovely ;)

I like your ring too!

Kitschen Pink said...

Fantastic ring - but really darling - we need to see it with a cocktail - Strawberry Daiquiri for me please - a pint! t.x (did I mention the tag? running in circles today!)

Kate said...

That is fantastic! Your hands are a lot better then mine!