Friday, 23 January 2009

Crayon Roll

Crayon Roll, originally uploaded by ninethreeo.

E is 3 years old
Today I've thrown a party for 6 kids, there has been jelly, ice cream and balloons aplenty.
And party bags at home time.

These, (I finished something!) are the crayon rolls I made for the girls to take home. I've seen similar things around the crafty blogosphere, but in the end I worked this out myself based on what materials I had and the size of the crayons. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Off to bed. Kids parties are tiring for grown ups too!

Crayon roll insides

6 crayon rolls


Kitschen Pink said...

Oh you clever thing! Much nicer than party bags! t.x

Heart Felt said...

They look great, what a fantastic idea, you are very clever. xx

Anonymous said...

They are really pretty! Well done you :)

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday E, and such a lovely party gift.xx