Saturday, 10 January 2009

oh no, more shopping

E and I walked into town yesterday, I had some Christmas vouchers to spend.

The walk takes about an hour, and we were meeting friends in two hours, so I detoured into the charity shops on the way.

I know there are issues to be addressed with the amount of stuff in this house. I know. But oh my friends, what would YOU do if you saw this for £1.50

As a little aside here, this is a plea to charity shop workers. PLEASE! No Sellotape! I know things have to be held together. May I respectfully suggest two rubber bands in cross shape. Many thanks for your time.

So many wonderful distractions in this box. And all with that thick card/vintage paper feel. I think it's from the seventies.

I was loving the graphics on the snakes and ladders board

A look at the booklet reveals it's even more wonderful than I originally thought. A snakes and ladders lesson in morals. Perfect.

Self Denial leads to the prize? Then, man, am I in trouble. Clearly self-denial is something I don't do


This got removed seconds later by E and Daddy who practiced in the living room, while I snapped the other goodies.

Wooden dominos and draughts sets (the boards pictured are double sided: draughts board and nine mens morris are on the reverse)

Word games

Bingo / Lotto

Ludo and Steeplechase

It also has the original die in the spears plastic cup. So, you'd have bought it, right?

Having fallen off the wagon, I also found this book

which I'm telling myself is for E, but... the colours! the inspiration! I love it

And this for me.

Line drawings of different flowers. Maybe good for embroidery?

And a Ladybird Little Red Riding Hood, with scary illustrations my little thrill-seeker will love when she's a bit older!

Some fairy tales are DARK! Hope she loves Andrew Lang Fairy Books as much as me

We got into town. Finally. I didn't spend my vouchers in the end, but I did buy these cute silicone muffin cases from habitat. A rare splash out treat for me, but silicone = reusable. So that's a good thing right?

OK then... back to the clearing out


Swirlyarts said...

I'd have bought the games compendium too :) I have some of those word game cards that I got from somewhere!

Kitschen Pink said...

Yep, honey! You fell off the wagon and it left town without you! I love the old proper fairy tales with the gruesome bits! We have the one where the wolf gets boiled alive! Hysterical that they change these stories. I mean how you gonna learn right from wrong without some good old medieval justice?!
silicone cupcake cases also good for melting together old stubby wax crayons to make new multi coloured wax cupcakes... you can see why that's a good thing right? t.xx

Kate said...

Wonderful find!

Missa said...

Awesome box of games! I love the illustrations in the nature book som much! Nice finds :)

jay670120 said...

OW what great finds old and new xxx
thanxs for finding time to comment on my blog recently toox

Heart Felt said...

What great finds! I love the wooden game pieces....and the nature book has such fantastic illustrations. xx

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

What marvellous finds!! I think 'compendium' is a wonderful word. I would love a box full of such loveliness!

ps Should I take it personally that the word verification on this comment is 'bust sly'?